The most popular blogs

Below are the 12 most popular blogs as measured by the number of lnks to those blogs during the past sixth months (as of October 26th, 2007):

  1. Engadget – review of new gear and electronics
  2. Gizmodo – top blog of Gawker Media and a guide to gadgets
  3. Boing Boing – reviews of cool stuff
  4. TechCrunch – review of new internet products and companies
  5. The Huffington Post – political site
  6. Lifehacker – tech trips, tips, and downloads
  7. Ars Technica – tech business news
  8. Mashable! – blog all about social networking
  9. Blog di Beppe Grillo – current events commentary from an Italian
  10. – odd cat photos
  11. Daily Kos – liberal political blog
  12. – celebrity news

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Small-business owners need vacations

According to a survey commissioned by Sam’s Club nearly 50% of small-business owners take only major holidays off – or nothing at all.  That is less than half the average number of vacation days used by the rest of the world, including Canada, Britain, and Japan, as reported by the World Tourism Organization.  Among small-business owners who said they do plan to take a vacation this year, the majority – 66% – with take only one week off all summer long.  These owners take on all or most of the responsibility of running their business and worry that their businessess will suffer if they are away from their work for an extended period of time.  Even if they do go away, they constantly check in with their employees and customers.

Stop overworking you small-business owners and enjoy your life!  Overworking can lead to serious health hazards, impede relationships at home, and can inhibit productivity at work while creating higher turnover.

Vacations are important!  So go on one!

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Making travel easier

There is a great online service that allows do it yourself travelers to automatically organize all of your travel information into one itinerary regardless of where you booked the trip, accomodations, or services.  TripIt ( is “a personal travel assistant that automatically organizes all your travel plans.”  The founders created the site to simply the Internet travel experience where more and more people are taking advantage of proliferating online travel tools.

Users forward travel confirmation emails to the TripIt website, and the TripIt Itinerator instantly incorporates them into a master itinerary.  TripIt then automatically adds daily weather forecasts, local maps and directions, destination informaiton and other useful tidbits.  Travelers can access their information online, in printed form, via a mobile device or in a calendar.  Users can also create networks of TripIt “friends” who can view each other’s travel calendars.  Best of all, the whole service is FREE and easy to use.

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Welcome to MesaShoppers

As Arizona has the greatest and freshest produce in the United States, we wanted to help you locals find the best prices in town.  Enjoy our shopping list!!!


There is the world’s greatest farmer’s market just west of Higley on Main St. in Mesa. The market is on the south side of the street and you absolutely MUST check it out.  There is also a very high quality farmer’s market on Power Rd. just south of Eliot on the east side of the road.  It is very affordable and quaint as well (look for the rock art and decor shop that stands out just a bit more).

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Hello world!

Welcome to our contribution to society.  We are always looking for the freshest and best foods available and we want to find them at the best prices.  Our list always looks at local produce first and then we go to WalMart because of “price match”.  I know I know, WalMart is the enemy, but we are poor college kids and they will do until we make it big.  WalMart is trying however and I am committed to supporting their efforts at sustainability as I love everybody!

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